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Master Thesis


General information

We are happy about your interest in writing your master thesis at our chair for corporate development and business ethics.

The choice at which chair you will write your master thesis should be thought through well. Therefore our advice before applying to write the master thesis at our chair is, to check whether:

  • You participated in one of the seminars that are offered by the chair AND
  • You have general interests in business ethic based problems and experimental business research.


Award procedure

For your application to write your master thesis at the chair from Prof. Dr. Ebers, Prof. Dr. Irlenbusch or Prof. Dr. Sliwka please use this ILIAS-Link.

The awarding procedure for master theses take actually place two times each semester. You can find the particular deadline as well as further information about the process of your application in ILIAS. After a successful application, we will inform you about your assigned chair and about your adviser.

Please note:
Starting with the summer semester 2022, application for master's theses will be possible once per semester via the first KLIPS application phase and no longer twice as before. From this point on, registration for the summer semester will take place in February and for the winter semester in July. Students who would like to write their thesis in the summer semester 2022 must therefore apply in February 2022. We ask you to take these changes into account for your planning.


When you have been assigned to our chair

When the awarding procedure is over and as soon as you have been assigned to our chair, you will get further information from us and we will inform you about who your advisor is going to be.

You will determine the specific topic of your master thesis together with your adviser. We want to encourage you to present your own suggestions for the topic of your master thesis. You are more than welcome to tie in with a topic that you already worked on in our seminar.

You can find examples for the topic of the master thesis here.

You will find more information from the examination office about the official guide lines of your master thesis here.