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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the process if I would like to write a thesis at the seminar for Corporate Development and Business Ethics?

  • Bachelor: The assignment of bachelor theses takes place through KLIPS. Further information concerning the assignemnt can be found here.
  • Master: The assignment of master theses at the chairs of Prof. Dr. Ebers, Prof. Dr. Irlenbusch und Prof. Dr. Sliwka takes place through ILIAS.

Is it necessary to complete the associated bachelor seminar to write my bachelor thesis?

Regarding to the PO2015, candidates must have successfully completed a bachelor seminar to be allowed to register for the bachelor thesis component. From summer term 2019 on those students who completed the associated bachelor seminar are going to be considered first. Therefore the bachelor thesis is going to be written in the same area as the bachelor seminar.

I have not taken the specialization courses "Unternehmensführung, Organisation und Personal" or  "Corporate Development". Is it possible to write my thesis at this seminar?

Yes. The registration via the central allocation with the seminar for Corporate Development and Business Ethics as first choice is possible. However, an appropriate familiarization with the subject and an adaption of the topic to the focus of our seminar is expected.

How many pages may the thesis contain?

  • Bachelor thesis: max. 25 pages
  • Master thesis: max. 40 pages

When exactly does the thesis have to be submittted and is there a possibility of extension?

The working time for the bachelor thesis is 12 weeks and 6 months for the master thesis (from submission of the application at the examination office). Both the due date of a bachelor thesis and a master thesis cannot be extended. Further information can be found here.

Is it possible to write the thesis in cooperation with a company?

Yes. Basically collaborations with companies and organizations are welcome, but especially for bachelor theses it must be ensured that the scope of the thesis is clarified in advance of the registration and assignment, since the working time is very short.

Is it possible to write the thesis in English?

Yes. For students whose native language is not German it is a good alternative to write the thesis in English.

Where do I have to hand in the thesis?

The thesis must be submitted to the examination office by the set deadline. The submission takes place digitally via the WiSo-Inbox. Please note the current requirements of the examination office.