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Bachelor Thesis


General information

We are happy about your interest in writing your bachelor thesis at our chair for corporate development and business ethics.

The choice on which chair you will write your bachelor thesis should be thought through well. Therefore, our advice before applying to write the bachelor thesis at our chair is, to check whether:

  • You participated in one of the seminars that are offered by the chair AND
  • You have general interests in business ethic based problems and experimental business research.

Award procedure

The awarding will be a central procedure within all business economic chairs and it is organized via Klips. Every semester there are two application dates available which are set.

Here you can find more information about the award procedure of bachelor thesis in the business economic field.


As a requirement for registration of the Bachelor thesis, at least 100 ECTS (at the time of formal registration) must be presented. You can apply in advance if you meet the requirement due to outstanding examination results or credits from abroad by the time of formal registration at the latest. In addition, writing a Bachelor's thesis in the area Corporate Development is only possible after successful participation in a Bachelor's seminar at a chair of the area. In this seminar, you will write your first seminar paper in a small group and receive specific feedback on your performance. Thereby you can learn the most important requirements for a good scientific paper and gain your first experiences in this field, which you can apply when writing your bachelor thesis. You can find more information about the bachelor seminar here.

When you have been assigned to our chair

When the awarding procedure is over and as soon as you have been assigned to our chair, you will get further information from us and we will inform you about who your advisor is going to be.

Furthermore, we are offering a short introduction course at the beginning of each semester. During this short course you will get information about our general requirement for the bachelor thesis and you will receive advices how to start your thesis.

Please note that we require from all students that they participated in the course “Einführung in die Techniken für wissenschaftliches Arbeiten”. Our chair offers this course together with the bachelor seminar every semester. Independently from that, the USB offers the course “Wenn es Ernst wird mit Ihrer wissenschaftlichen Arbeit…” on a regular basis.

You will determine the specific topic of your bachelor thesis together with your adviser. We want to encourage you to present your own suggestions for the topic of your bachelor thesis. You are more than welcome to tie in with a topic that you already worked on in our seminar.

You can find examples for the topic of the bachelor thesis here.

Please note that the application deadline for Bachelor theses is the end of January for the SoSe and the end of July/ beginning of August for the WiSe.

You will find more information from the examination office about the official guidelines of your bachelor thesis here.

The thesis must be submitted to the examination office by the set deadline. The submission takes place digitally via the WiSo-Inbox. Please note the current requirements of the examination office.