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General Information

If you are considering to request a letter of recommendation for a scholarship, stay abroad, etc. we will gladly issue one. Please note that we can only provide you with a meaningful letter, if we know as much about you as possible. For that reason you should have at least taken part in one of our seminars or have written your thesis at our chair. In all other cases we can solely make a statement about your position in the respective distribution of grades.

If you only took part in one of our basic bachelor lectures (Corporate Development or Business Ethics), we recommend to request a letter of recommendation of a professor of your major subject.

Please note that we usually only issue letters of recommendation for a specific application of yours. Those are usually be sent directly to the respective institutions. So depending on the requirements we additionally need information about the (email) address the letter should sent to or an upload link. Please note that in general you should not read the letter of recommendation. 

The procedure

If you would like to receive a letter of recommendation by our chair, please note the following:

1. For issuing the letter we need the following documents: 

·         CV

·        Transcript of Records and current rank certificate

·         Letter of Motivation (analogous to the one you are sending to the receiver of the letter of recommendation)

·         List to the modules of our chair that you participated in, the involved lecturers and your grades

2. Please also attach a cover letter that contains the following information: 

·         Your email address and phone number

·         The date until you need the letter of recommendation (we need at least 3 weeks in advance)

·         The language (german or english) it should be issued in

·         The purpose of the letter of recommendation, e.g. application for a masters program or a stay abroad

·         The receiver of the letter of recommendation and how it should be sent.

3.  Please send all the documents in one PDF-file to

4. It is possible to schedule a personal meeting with one of our staff members to exchange more detailed information. In this case please think of further aspects about you that might be relevant for a letter of recommendation in advance. At this occasion you can also ask questions.

If you consinder all of the aspects metioned above, we will gladly issue a letter of recommendation!