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Application Master Thesis Area Corporate Development

Information about the next application phase

Next application phase for master theses at the Area Corporate Development for the winter semester will take place from June 20 - July 20 to start from August/September.
Please note: The start date marks the start of the supervision process, not the formal registration of the thesis. A supervision process may take several weeks in which you elaborate on your research question, methods and structure. The six months processing time starts when this first supervision process is completed. You have the opportunity to indicate your desired start date for the formal registration of the thesis. 
This start date of the formal registration has to be within five months of the end of the application period (application period June 20 - July 20: latest date for formal registration - December 20)

The timeline for application for master theses at the chairs of Prof. Dr. Heinz, Prof. Dr. Irlenbusch, Prof. Dr. Mensmann, Prof. Dr. Schwens and Prof. Dr. Sliwka is as follows:
Start of application phase: 06/20/2022
End of application phase: 07/20/2022
Allocation of candidates to the chairs: approx. 07/28/2022

NEXT STEPS to registrate:
Please fill in this ILIAS-survey from June 20 until July 20. Provide all the information requested. Furthermore, please attach an up-to-date version of your Transcript of Records as well as a CV and upload all the documents in just one pdf file into the upload folder in ILIAS. Please make sure, that the name of your pdf file includes your surname and your matriculation number.